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Therapeutic Community

This could be called group work. But I prefer community, because something very magical happens when people with shared interests get together and have common goal.

This shared interest can be meditation and spiritual matters or having the same aim, such as to increase their self-esteem and sense of worth.

Groups have a vibrant energy. When there is community, the members bring a richness to the proceedings, which is very powerful. The discussions that ensue are both fertile and productive.

Group work at Harding Wellbeing is stimulating, experiential and fun.

The areas that group work covers are:

  • Children and teenagers self-worth.
  • Parents groups. "Raising children with self-esteem"
  • Adults self-esteem. "Finding the Beauty within"
  • Adults assertiveness. "What does your 'Yes' mean if you never say 'No'. Finding a way to say No"

Therapeutic community groups can be held at a location of your choice.