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08 February 2016

Goddess Workshop. Awakening the Inner Feminine

A Goddess workshop. A fabulous event coming to Harding Wellbeing.

We will focus on awakening our inner feminine. Finding and standing in our power as women. On a day to day level we can become depleted as we multitask our way through life, managing the home and possibly children, being a goddess in the kitchen and a sexual being the bedroom until we have lost sight of who we are. This day will focus on finding the authentic you, the beautiful, real you, the you that is all that you need. We will clear unconscious limiting beliefs that hold you back from living the life you would like to live. It will be a day of discovery, of realising your magnificent self.

It is on Saturday 12 March 2016. The day will start at 10am and finish at 5. The cost is £60.


14 October 2015

Psychic Development Open Circle - Alternate Wednesdays

Hello friends, 

Here I am with a very exciting new evening class that is running from Harding wellbeing. The classes are Psychic Development classes which are sessions that give you the chance to flex those psychic muscles, intuitions and sixth sense tendancies! Amy Is running the class and assures me that no matter what your ability you will be able to expand your innate gifts and discover new talents. The evenings run for two hours during which you will have a go at guided meditations, parctical tasks designed to discover and improve your ailities, one card reading and/or healing share. All aspects are gently guided and you are welcome to sit out of anything your not ready to have a go at although you will be helped all the way!

To book please go to the contacts page where you can get email information or a phone number for Jane who will be very happy to chat with you. 

Sessions £10 and take place every other Wednesday from the 14th or October


Terms and Conditions:

The classes are for all abilities under, 18's must be accoumpanied by an adult. 

14 October 2015

Beginners Meditation Course - Four Week Course

Tuesday 27th October - Beginners Meditation Group

Four week course once a week on the Tuesday 7pm - 8pm £38

27th October, 3rd November, 10th November, 17th November

Hello lovelies, this is a beginners mindfulness group. You will learn the benefits of mindfulness which are extensive and once learnt wholley invaluble and easy to intergrate into your life! Mindfulness is all to do with staying in the present moment because by stayng in the present moment we are awake and witnessing our lives. Not living with regrets from the past, or fears of the future. Being present with the breathe is a joyous and peaceful to be, you will learn how to do that through practical tasks like eating delicious foods whilst focusing on the food.... sounds easy doesnt it?

Have you though about how much effort your body put into eating by using all of its senses! We all have times of uncertainty where we are clouded in our minds, our bodies tell us we are at dis-ease with ourseves or outside influences. I can help you sit with yourself and your thoughts so that you can hear the conversations that go on inside of us at those times. Do you argue with yourself about what you might need or want in your life? For example... I am learning self care, I often try to argue with myself about doing practical house chores or looking after others when really my inner truth tells me I need to focus on me time. I have learnt over time using these wonderful techniques that there is a balance to be had and it is absoultely acheivable and easy when you are MINDFUL.

Much love! Jane xxx


Terms and conditions: 

The course must be paid for in full at the time of booking and your place will not be secure until payment recieved. If you are to cancel your space the fee is non refundable.

14 October 2015

Relaxation Day 7th November

Enter a world of relaxation and discover your inner calm. Whole and half day experience plus treatments. In honour of stress awareness week, Harding Wellbeing is offering you the opportunity to take part in a wonderful day of relxation. in tranquil surroundings Jane and Amy will introduce you to the healing sound of the drum, the powerful energies of crystals, and take you on magical journies in meditation. So why to come along and enjoy a wonderful day or half day to recharge your batteries. There will be the choice of two treatments for a half day and four for a full day. The threapists will be Amy Holland Psychic Medium & Visionary Artist, Jane Crockatt and guest therapist Linda Livingstone. 


Jane: Reiki, Bowen

Amy: Spiritual Healing, Reading

Linda: Reflexology and Indian Head Massage


Saturday 7th November, 10am til 1pm for the morning session and 2pm til 5pm for the afternoon session. If you would like to come for the full day to gain the most out of this wonderful experience then you will be with us from 10am til 5pm and lunch will be provided.


To book please go to the contacts page where you can get email information or a phone number for Jane who will be very happy to chat with you. Half day £50 Full day with lunch £90

Many thanks and we look forward to hearing from you! 

The Harding Wellbeing Team


Terms and conditions: Limited places availabl. Cancellation fees apply: Payment will be required in full if you cancel with a 24hrs of the start day of the event. Half the fee will apply is you cancel within 48 hours of the event. Payment is required at the time of booking. Fee is non-refundable. 

08 October 2015

In Celebration of Autumn.

"To be intersted in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with Spring". 

In Celebration of Autumn is an experiential workshop to realise the wonders of Autumn. Helping you to embrace the transition into autumn and winter months. Come for a delicious workshop on Saturday 17th October at 10 til 5 at Harding Wellbeing in Stone. Contemplation, creativity and fun. 

Book now as places are limited. 

05 September 2015

Soul Connection

Hello. Soul Connecton starts on Wednesday 9th September at Harding Wellbeing in Stone, nr Aylesbury, Bucks.And from then every other wednesday. Times are: 7 til 9. And it is in warm and comfortable surroundings.

In this group Amy will help us to connect with our higher selves and spirit guides. The goups are informative, powerful and relaxing. So if this interests you connect me in the usual ways and book your place. Numbers are limited so don't delay.

Hope to see you.

Much love. xxx


This group is now full.

24 August 2015

What a year!!

As the title implies, this has been an eventful year so far, with lots of new experiences and insights. All great learning.

Harding Wellbeing continues in all its tried and trusted therapies, as well as branching out into new avenues.

There will be much more group work this coming year, (see next post for dates and subjects of workshops).

Amy continues to work here and is getting very busy. She is also going to be doing some group work in the future.

Hope to see you soon. Much love. xxx  

13 January 2015

New Therapies

Harding Wellbeing is delighted to announce new therapies for 2015. 

Please may I introduce Amy Holland. Amy is a psychic medium. She is offering readings and spiritual healing. She is also a spiritual artist and can draw or paint as she gives you messages. Watch this space as I'm going to ask her to write about hereself here.  

Also introducing Elizabeth Abraham. Elizabeth is a Podiestrist and Reflexologist and she is offering Reflexology. She is much in demand so her tme here is limited, she is here on Tuesday afternoons from 1:30 to 3:30, so far, but if demand is great we could have her here more often!

As news developes I will post updates.

Much love