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The magic of Reiki

Reiki originated in Tibet thousands of years ago and is an ancient form of life force energy channeling that has yielded success stories for many thousands of years. It is a deeply soothing therapy which promotes balance and harmony in mind, body and spirit. The value of touch cannot be underestimated. If you bump yourself you naturally immediately put your hand to the area and rub it. Reiki is a hands on energy healing.

It clears and increases the flow of life force energy, bringing a sense of peace which has to be experienced to be believed. It also gives relief for many distressful symptoms.

It can help:

  • Physical pain
  • Clearing emotional blocks
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Gives energy and vitality
  • Speeds the healing process
  • Calms emotions
  • Balances the person’s chakras and aura energy.
  • Children and babies
  • Animals
  • Eases the transition from this life to the next.

Although Reiki is beneficial as a one off treatment it is best given in a group of three sessions. The first brings issues and blocks to the surface. The second session works directly on the problems and the third starts the healing process. (This is why there is a special low price for three treatments).

The treatment lasts for an hour and is done without having to remove clothing. Hands are placed on or above certain points of the body in a series of positions from the crown of the head to the feet, during this time life force energy flows into you balancing your energy system, releasing stress, soothing pain and promoting your body, mind and spirit’s natural ability to heal itself. It is a safe, simple experience that will make you feel amazingly nurtured and cared for.

It is a wonderful and deeply soothing experience.

“The Reiki treatment felt really hot, it soothed my pain and was incredibly comforting”.

“The Reiki treatment takes you to a place of profound relaxation, half way between sleep and wakefulness, it is a wonderful place”.

“The Reiki is wonderful, it left me feeling immensely relaxed and soothed. The next day I had more energy than I’d had for ages”.