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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

A Path to weight loss

How often have you lost weight? Only to put it back on again.

We know that having a healthy attitude to food is in our minds.

This series of sessions is nothing about being weighed and clapping each other. It’s about the reasons that we can’t stick to a healthy diet.

It explores the reasons behind eating that large bar of chocolate, or half the cake. Or that we eat until we’re stuffed!

We all gain perceptions about life as children, and run these unconscious patterns in our lives, this is the basis of our relationship with food.

So these sessions will explore:

  • Your feelings about several different subjects.
  • Your feelings about yourself now.
  • How to stop beating yourself up.
  • How to love your body.
  • How to have a beneficial relationship with healthy food.
  • How to start treating your body with respect.

These sessions can be one to one or why not come and join one of our groups, for some mutual support.