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Reiki Training

REI means, the spiritual aspect, the divine connection.

KI means, the life force energy that flows through every living being.

Therefore Reiki is accepted as meaning ‘Universal Life Force Energy’.

Reiki is only just becoming known in the western world. People come to Reiki for many different reasons. As a spiritual path for self development. To heal themselves and family and friends, animals etc. Some go on to become Reiki Practitioners.

Reiki heals on different levels: The physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual.

Reiki is above all a journey that one needs to take with a Master. All people attuned to Reiki can trace their lineage all the way to Dr. Mikao Usui, the first Grand Master of Reiki. Its history and correct practise need to be handed down from a Master to their students so that it remains true and powerful.

It is not to be undertaken lightly, or for the wrong reasons. As a spiritual endeavour, it must be treated with respect and gratitude.

When training, the student will learn the principles and the reverence with which Reiki should be used. The training is taken in three parts with practise in between.

Reiki Training Workshops

These are theoretical and experiential courses. Over two days.

Includes a course manual and hand outs.

First Degree

Learn the history and background of Reiki and the ideals behind it, while learning practical information on how to treat. The student will be attuned to become a channel for Reiki.

Second Degree

Learn about the sacred symbols and how to give absent healing.

A pre-requisite for the Second Degree is the First Degree and experience of hands on healing and a case study. This workshop will increase your knowledge of Reiki and increase your amount of healing energy.

Third Degree

This workshop will give you the mastery and is not to be undertaken lightly. Learn how to teach Reiki as well as learning some more sacred symbols and how to use crystals in healing.